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Bold, Black and on Display

Bro. Jamaal Barber is no stranger to the modern arts scene. He is an African American printmaker whose work explores Black identity. His work has been featured in "Atlanta" magazine and he was commissioned by the "New York Times" for its 1619 Project.

In 2018 Barber produced and displayed his first solo exhibit, "Bright Black". This was followed by his second solo exhibit in 2019, "400: A Collective Flight of Memory" which coincided with the NY Times 1619 Project. Currently Jamaal Barber is putting Black Identity on display once more with his new exhibit "Fullness".

"Fullness is an exhibition of mixed media paintings that explores a new visual expression of Black identity. The pandemic shut down created an opportunity to examine all the ways I was locked into thinking about identity. I was constantly engaged in social issues and events that intersect with Blackness and culture. Being in lockdown with just my family, gave me a minute to realize the unintended message of my work is that the Black experience is directly tied to struggle." ~Jamaal Barber~

The "Fullness" exhibit is on display at the Mint Gallery in Atlanta

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